Most families could use a little more space, and for some, A LOT more.  From an additional bedroom, a redesign of your current space, to converting your existing carport into livable square footage, we can take care of it. DVS Development Co. LLC is a licensed remodeling contractor that has the experience necessary to manage a construction project like this. Could you use an additional room to tackle the problem of not enough space in your home? Are you looking to provide an in-law suite or a new home office? Maybe your lot is large enough to accommodate a small cottage you can rent for some additional income?  Whether the real estate market is up or down, adding additional livable square footage to your home can be a great investment.

Two Story?

A second-story addition may be exactly what you are looking for to expand your home and could be the budget-friendly option you need.


You don’t have to extend the entire width of your home, integrating a second or third level over your home’s existing footprint can be a creative way to increase your living space.

  • What are your ultimate goals for your home?

  • Do you want to do it in phases or all at once?

  • Are you looking to accommodate more people living in the home, or extend your raw square footage?

  • Upstairs, downstairs, or somewhere in between.

  • The ultimate benefit is staying in the home or neighborhood you love.

When we create your new remodeling home plans, we can discuss adding a second story if your lot is small and you want to preserve as much outdoor space as you can. Creating a sense of separation from any neighbors is important too. Let us know your goals and motivation for the addition and we will work with you to integrate all your wishes.